The Importance of Tuning an Instrument

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Everyone knows the importance of tuning their instrument, but to a non-musician, what does tuning even do. Well, as anyone who taken even a rudimentary interest in music knows, music is made up of notes from A to G along with the assorted sharps and flats. Every song has a certain key, and the key determines the notes you’ll be using to sing the song properly.

Songs can change keys, and normally results in a singer’s voice becoming higher or lower to compensate. Everyone has their own range of notes that they can hit comfortably with their voice, and if you are singing along with an instrument, then singing in the same key can help keep you on track. If your instrument is playing the notes of one key and you are singing another, then the song might sound off at best and horrible at worst.

That’s why tuning is so important because if you are singing with an instrument and two different keys are forming, then it sounds off. But much like voices, all instruments have notes they have to hit when you manipulate them. Pressing a certain key on a piano should always get you the same note, and if the note is different you might need to see about piano tuning new york ny to get it back on track.

Having a proper and in tune instrument for whatever song you are going to play is the baseline for a good performance, and that’s why you’ll see many artists tuning their instruments or voices right before a big show. If you want to be a musician, then the first thing you need to understand about yourself and your instrument is the range that you can handle. Then work within it to become a master.